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7 Ways To Advance Your Career

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Meet Shauna Cole

Mom of Two + Career Expert + Educator

Chartered Human Resources Professional (CPHR)

Senior Certified Human Resources Professional (SHRM)



I help career-minded Moms unlock their confidence and understand the unconscious bias they’ll face time and time again as a working Mom.  As Moms understand and see these challenges, they can start to mitigate and overcome them. 


I never want people to think what I do is about ditching the kids for the sake of a great career.  In fact, I love motherhood and most of the things that go along with it.  But I also love working and being intellectually stimulated.


I provide Moms with the insights, skills and processes to manage your career through pregnancy to maternity leave, return to work and early parenthood. 

During This Free Webinar You'll Learn:

  • Exactly how to use your maternity leave to enhance your professional brand

  • How to take ownership of this huge transition as you become a working mom

  • Identify the root cause of your career and anxiety and put in place a plan to overcome it

  • Findings from 3 recent studies about working motherhood that will change how you approach it